Power of  Whiteboard Animation Videos

In the recent years, Whiteboard animation videos have taken the sales and advertising industry by storm. According to a scientific study, an average person only remembers 10% of what they read in an article but can retain up to 50% of what they see in a video. This clearly concludes that a product page accompanied by an animated video usual created by Whiteboard Animation Software is likely to sell several times more than a similar competitor with a blunt sales pitch. Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews
Whiteboard animation videos and animated explainer videos have increased the conversion rates about 10%, 20% or sometimes even 40%. But you don’t have to take our word for it; hear it from the Internet legends like Google, Facebook and Twitter developers who feel the same. Facebook has allowed ‘videos’ to be shared on their news feed while Twitter allows promoting by marketing videos. Google, keeping on par, has launched video app promo ads, for promoting apps via videos.

Whiteboard Animated Software Reviews

But what makes Whiteboard Animation videos so powerful?

The secret to the success of the animation videos and whiteboard videos lies behind five key features –

Simplicity of the Message: When hundreds of high-end marketers were asked what makes animation videos so powerful, everyone relied on one major feature – ‘a killer script’. A well-written script focuses on – the problem, the solution, how it works and what to do. The message, though depends on the audience, is professional and strikes the bull’s eye with its simplicity.

Visually attractive: First impressions matter, indeed. No matter how good your content is, if the video is not visually attractive you can never grab the eyeballs.

Shareable: Nowadays, with the power of Facebook and YouTube sharing videos have become a great way to reach out to the audience. Make sure the video on the website has buttons to share on the social media.

Connecting with the Audience: The power of storytelling is your ultimate weapon to connect with the audience. Nobody can hold back from a story well told. Connecting with the audience ensures that the product or service is reaching out to your customers. Frame the story around relevant characters and situations to connect more.

Economic and Easy to Produce: Another reason behind the growing demand of animation videos is that they are a budget choice and can even be done by ourselves. For start-ups and small businesses, not willing to shell out a fortune, animation is a great weapon to advertise,Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a whiteboard animation video ensures a thousand buyers. Here’s why

Whiteboard animation empowers you to make engaging videos to sell products and different kinds of services, that too without costing a fortune.
For any kind of sales, reviews are of great importance. Selling a product is 10 times easier if it has good reviews on Amazon or Google. Now, with whiteboard animation, you can easily make guides and video reviews to increase the conversion rates.
In this competitive market, it’s a necessity to stand out from the crowd. A nice product video ensures that your product is unique and also promotes affiliate offers.
In the generation of YouTube and video sharing, a great video post gets thousands of likes and shares. Why not create a whiteboard video for YouTube? This confirms a rapid traffic growth of your website, alongside popularizing the product.
To be honest, a sales video of 2 minutes is likely to get more attention than a video of 20 minutes. However, is it possible to convey all the ideas in just 2 minutes? Yes, only if you know how to engage your audience. Build your followers list, captivate them with a great sales copy.
And if nothing works out, you can even make a business out of creating whiteboard animation videos. If you are a great graphic artist, why not sell your videos? From college-goers to digital nomads, everyone can explore their artsy side by becoming an official video maker.


How can we create a great whiteboard animation video?


  • Buy or Outsource: With the rising demand of animation, hundreds of large and small companies have popped up that can create animation videos for a price. But remember, the price is the key factor here. If you opt for expert guidance coupled with planning, voice dubbing and a great advertising idea, the price of a 5-7 minute video can cost you about $1000 or more. Though it ensures great results, it is one of the expensive options.
  • Video Templates: These are ready-made tailor cut templates with a fixed set of functionalities. The software for using the templates is basic, and can be easily learnt by an amateur video maker. A single video template can cost in the range of $100-$150, however, it can only be used for a single product. For people promoting multiple products, you end up buying dozens of templates.

Overall, these templates offer less flexibility, limited functions and is only a good choice for a single product.

  • Do it yourself: To be honest, whiteboard animation is no tough row to hoe. Even non-designers can easily learn the trick of making a great animation video online. The internet has several great website, tools, and platforms that offer free and paid software to do whiteboard animation. Most of these sites come with tutorials that enables users to learn with ease. The biggest advantage of DIY is flexibility and budget cost. If you have a little time in your hand, and a little interest, you can easily master the art of Whiteboard Animated Software
    Have a dig at our list of best Whiteboard Animation Software online, and see if it works for you.

The Best Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews


Powtoon: One of the best Whiteboard Animation Software available in the market is powtoon, and the cherry on the cake is that ‘it’s free’. As the website suggests, it’s an engaging tool to create amazing explainer videos and presentations.


Whiteboard Animation Software

Features and Functions

Powtoon has hundreds of ready-made templates that can be used. All they have a ‘drag-and-drop’ feature that enables users to create new templates from scratch.
Powtoon has a massive help community and forum that hosts webinars, tutorials and more. They also have training centers that teach novices to use the tool as a professional.

Powtoon has been used by some of the global leaders and renowned companies including Google, Walmart, Apple, Cisco, Starbucks, Staples and more.

Who can use Powtoon? Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

Powtoon for Business: From just an Whiteboard Animated Software, powtoon has come a long way to be used as a marketing tool. For promotion, advertising, sales and in any business situation, Powtoon has helped professionals to develop top-notch video presentations, explainer videos and more.

Powtoon for Education: Another section of professionals that extensively use Powtoon includes educators. Teachers can easily create interesting presentations to make the classes attractive. Even students can use the tool for their presentations and projects.

Powtoon for Personal Events: Powtoon can also be used to create special e-invites for birthdays, events or weddings. Choose a template, add a personal message, colorful images and voila! Your event invite is ready without costing a buck. Super simple yet produces amazing results.




It is an online video making software that has special features for infographics, typography and more. Animaker has the provision of creating 120 different types of videos. The software is not free, but is available at an economic price.


Features and Functions

Animaker has a drag and drop layout that can be edited easily. After drag and drop, the entire video can be played by a series of slides.

There are four different kinds of pricing options present.

Free ($0): A total of 5 videos a month with maximum 2 minute video length can be exported. Limited infographics, maps and charts available.
Personal ($12/month): Up to 20 videos a month with maximum 5 mins video length is the export limit. Videos can be downloaded, props are available, number of infographics and features available.
Startup ($15/month): 40 videos up to 15 mins in length can be exported per month. Videos are of HD quality and can be downloaded or shared. Music, infographics are available, and also enables project version.
Business ($39/month): 100 videos up to 30 minutes in length can be exported each month. Full HD quality, full commercial rights, and plenty of images, audios, videos, and music are available.
Animaker has been used by some of the biggies in business including – Deloitte, Google, Walmart, AOL, Pepsi, Adidas and others.

Who can use Animaker?Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

Animaker for Marketing: This tool is primarily used for creating whiteboard animation and explainer videos for products or services. From creating a small story to promote your app to announcing any event, the explainer video tool can be quite a handful.
Animaker for Infographic Designers: It was previously mentioned that infographic design can be taken as a career option. Animaker is best for people designing graphic icons as a career. The tool has over 3000 graphic icons that can be used for design.
Animaker for Social Media: It is also a regular tool for social media marketers. Video infographics help to increase the popularity of social media pages and also helps to increase audience.




Another competitor in the amination market is GoAnimate. It boasts of the professional style video creation tool that is low budget and can be done by amateur designers.

Best Whiteboard Animated Software-GoAnimate

Features and Functions

One of the best features of this software is automatic lip-sync. Whether you are adding voice to a character or adding a background narration, the sync is done by default with the video.

GoAnimate offers editable scenes from different strata of business. From hospitals to IT sectors, a background for every business can be found in their gallery. Moreover, the layouts are flexible to adding new content, design and even combining two different layouts.

This tool empowers you with the opportunity to create your own characters. So, if you’re looking for a mockup of a person or just willing to create your own character, this platform is a great one.

GoAnimate offers a free trial, however, in the long run the software has to be purchased.
GoPublish ($39/month): This plan offers unlimited video creation with lip-sync, premium music tracks, download videos at 720p, import audio and image files and more. It also ensures added security and privacy.
GoPremium ($79/month): It includes all features of GoPublish, and additions a live chat option and download videos at 1080p.
GoTeam ($159/month): This is primary for a team of designers with special features like video sharing and shared library, priority service queue, import fonts and more.

Who can use GoAnimate?

GoAnimate for Explainer Videos: GoAnimate primarily offers services for animation videos and explainer videos for different products and services.
GoAnimate for School: A special tool is available which specifically works with presentations and videos in school environment.




Sparkol is a single platform that offers two separate tools – videoscribe for whiteboard animation and Tawe for video presentations. You can purchase 2 tools for the price of 1.

Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

Features and Functions

Videoscribe is a weapon to effortlessly craft the marketing ideas in a video. It only creates whiteboard animation videos, and can be used without much technical knowledge.
Videoscribe offers a one week trial period, beyond which you have to opt for any one of their three pricing plans.
It starts from as low as $4.08/month for a year. If you want to purchase for only a couple of months go for $29/month. Also, you can make a one-time payment of $665 for the entire software and updates.
Purchasing videoscribe automatically gives you access to their vast library, royalty free images, HD downloads and more features. Also, Tawe comes for free.
Videoscribe has special discounts for schools, and discount packs of 5, 10 or 20 licenses.
Tawe helps to add life to your images by turning them into incredible videos. Whether it’s the doodles, funny sketches, a comic or a collection of images, Tawe combines photos to create a video.

Who can use Sparkol?

Sparkol can be used both for business and personal purposes. Professionals and teams can use it for product marketing, educators and students can use it for presentations and interactive learning, and lastly, freelancers can also use it as a professional software.



Explainido 3.0

A recent entry in the animation market, explainido checks all the right boxes to become a great Whiteboard Animation Software tool. Easy to use, integrate and personalize, this software stands out from the crowd because of a couple of special features.


Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

Features and Functions

Explainido 3.0 is the first of its kind that allows to combine 2D and 3D animations together. The final product is an explainer motion video.
The entire content is not saved in cloud based platform. Hence, the software is available offline, along with all the saved files and data.
Endowed with easy video creation wizard, Explainido can be easily operated by non-professionals. The software comes with 3D model animations, 180+ pretext animations, Youzign and pixabay integration, in-built transitions, 800 doodle sketches, 100 full HD backgrounds and lots more.

Who can use Explainido 3.0?

The main consumer of this tool includes marketers, freelancers, and professional advertisers willing to promote their businesses, products or services. The key integration of several animation characters, images and backgrounds indicates that the software is focused more towards business usage.

Videomaker FX

Videomaker FX Best Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

It is an all-in-one compact Whiteboard Animation Software that can be used to create engaging explainer videos to boost sales and traffic. Easy to master and without restrictions, this video maker is a good choice for an animation video creator.

Features and Functions

It offers incredible customization options that help to make personalized videos from cut-out templates. From changing fonts, to backgrounds, incorporating music, and video clips, the video maker as options for almost all customizations.
It is a one-time download tool, which can run in any computer. The videos are without any watermark, and comes without the hassle of monthly subscriptions.

Who can use Videomaker FX?

A wide range of users can find this software useful for their demands. Not only marketers will benefit from it by creating whiteboard animation, but guides for travel companies, tutorials for students and video producers can also find good use for the software.

Easy Sketch Pro

As the name suggests, this Whiteboard Animation Software focuses on making a video out of creative sketches. Interactive sketch videos can be a great way to involve audiences and skyrocket sales for business.

Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation Software Reviews

Features and Functions

Easy Sketch Pro is used to convert a regular video into a sketch video. You can upload a regular video, and the tool will convert it into a hand-drawn sketch video.

As it is a sketch based tool, it also has different brushes to create variations in drawings. The background of a sketch can be changed from the gallery or from an uploaded image.

The Whiteboard Animation Software has a feature to auto-integrate premium tools like Mail chimp, Google Analytics, Hot Spot analytics to understand the traffic growth. You can also integrate a call from inside the video, generally a skype call, which can be made to a range of countries.

Who can use Easy Sketch Pro?

The tool can find its usage in a wide scale in the industry. From advertisement to presentations, the tool can be used for promoting charity, events, and marketing, poetry and work presentations. It is one of the best marketing tools as it comes integrated with traffic analysis, video sharing options and other social media integration.