Animaker Review – Is Animaker the Best Online Animation Software?

Whiteboard animation has become very popular in recent years because the ideas they portray or put forward are easier to understand as compared to written material. Animations break down complex large amounts of information to simpler and much understandable bits of visual information. There is a very big difference between visual information and written information. It is more appealing to watch visual information than it is to read written information. Many animated videos are as result of different kinds of animation software. One such software mainly used to make whiteboard animation is Animaker.

What is Animaker software?


Animaker review 2017

Animaker is a software used to make very engaging videos. It uses a template that converts stats into visuals that add great value to every kind of audience. The software helps in making d-i-y animation videos that bring visual to life. Its simplicity and amazing features make it one of the most popular animation video software in the market today. There are many reasons why the Animaker is a better option when it comes to video animations. The following are some of the reasons.

Advantages of Animaker

  • Quality

Animaker, unlike very many other online tools gives very high quality graphics. Quality graphics are the basis of every animated video and without quality, there will not be much interest in watching the visuals. Animaker is the only tool that offers the quality required.

  • Variety of features

Animaker has the right mix of all the features required for perfect video making. For the best UI experiences and options, Animaker proves it is way ahead of all other tools.

  • Versatility

The Animaker online video making tool is very versatile. With Animaker, it is possible to make quality studio videos for businesses, schools and for personal needs.
For businesses, Animaker allows them to present their important data in a visually appealing manner and to create video marketing messages to reach out to more clients. These explainer videos successfully used in Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms, touch millions of social media users.

In schools, one way to teach kids about the importance everything they learn is by using technology. As much as teachers and parents advise students to stay away from tech gadgets, sometimes they get stuff more easily if it is visual. Animations are a favorite with kids and there is no better way to explain stuff than by making use of Animaker. Another area ignored so much is physical education. Today Animaker has animated videos of sports characters that show the kids the positive side of sports.

For personal pleasure, Animaker is easy to use to create your own 2D animation videos. This means you can create your own characters that either move up/down or right/left. You can make your figures and characters to look so much as if they are moving in a 3D space by using different tricks.

  • Easy to use

Animaker allows individual users with no prior knowledge or experience of video making to create quality videos. The videos created are of very high quality features and top class visuals. Every individual converts any form of report or reports and data to attractive visuals and videos. Doing this, does not take too much of an individual’s time.

  • Tutorials
  • Animaker provides its users with easy video making tutorials that help with the creation of good visual presentations. The step by step tutorials on how to come up with quality animated explainer images is an advantage you don’t get from many other online video tools.
  • Customized packages

Animaker has their own brand of customized packages especially for big enterprises. Animaker customizes packages according to every organizations requirements. They have exclusive characters, customized templates and styles, properties, customized branding, team licenses and personalized support from Animaker.

  • Supports many different languages

Many countries from all over the world now comfortably use Animaker to create great videos. Animaker added text in videos in multiple languages to expand their international support. For the mostly spoken languages today, Animaker has done everything possible to transcend all borders and connect with the users from every corner of the globe. This is especially good news for entrepreneurs who can use different languages to communicate their about their product features. The teachers and students to benefit from this because the animation tools now make language classes even more interesting and for the video creators, they finally get a tool that reach their customers from anywhere.

  • Affordability

For such an amazing product, Animaker is very affordable. The starting price is about $9.oo per month per user, with this you get a free version, free trial, training through documentation, webinars and online live presentations.
Though currently hailed as the best online animation software, Animaker has a few drawbacks. However, these are so minor that most people barely notice them.

Disadvantages of Animaker animation software

As much as businesses and video creators rely on Animaker to get the message out there and woo more clients, the videos and images still look like robots. The tools used have absolutely no control over the images and illustrations and some people might find them less appealing. An image made from an automated software definitely lacks human touch and the voice over too may not sound as natural.

The animation tools used in most of these videos have in built libraries for all the characters and illustrations. Most likely, another company may have used the same videos before you. Therefore, you might download something on the internet, downloaded earlier on by a different organization.

Animaker does not give you the chance of giving your brand a unique identity. The explainer tool does not follow your brands guidelines and things like brand colors, language used layout, fonts and styles may all fall different from the aspects of your brand.

While D-I-Y tools are good in saving you money and time of looking for professionals, there is a downside. Trying to make perfect explainer tools for the first time without any prior knowledge might get you a product that is very unappealing. You need the help of an expert to write a strong script and develop interesting and captivating characters.

Wrap up

In spite of the few disadvantages, Animaker is without a doubt the best online animation software. Creation of visual images was not this good before Animaker. The fact that Animaker video making tutorials can reach anybody from anywhere in the world using a language they understand, shows just how popular it is. Join hands w3ith this brilliant startup and use animated characters to sell your products or tell your story.

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