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In the last decade, whiteboard animation has edged from a significant component of marketing to an essential weapon for stepping up your game in the digital industry. The wide popularity of animated videos escapes continental boundaries, and why not? The engaging visual presentation successfully grabs the attention and rings the right bells.

But not everybody can afford the hefty budget of a high-end animated video. For budding startups, free whiteboard animation software is a boon and can help achieve that extra mile necessary to boost up their marketing. From amateur DIY creators to aspiring graphic designers, everyone can utilize these tools to deliver creative content, earn revenue, and gain SEO rankings and increase conversion rates by leveraging the strength of visual graphics.

Here’s how free whiteboard animation software can be your Cash cow

Posting animated explainer videos and tutorials add makes the content attractive. you can learn the process on how to make an animated video
These free animated videos can easily be shared on the social media, thereby, increasing more visibility for your content
It’s almost always certain that a good quality explainer video helps to rank a website higher in Google rankings.
A whiteboard animation video strengthens your pitch manifolds as compared to a mere presentation
Using free whiteboard animation software cost can be cut down, without compromising on the quality.

Top 6 Free Animation Video Software


Powtoon Whiteboard Animation Software Free

1. Powtoon: The most popular and widely used software, Powtoon is available in free as well as premium version. It offers an easy drag and drop interface to create 2D animation without a hassle. To make your animation stand out, Powtoon comes with props, scenes, characters and more.

2. RawShorts: Another free tool giving Powtoon a competition is RawShorts. They have a wide range of video templates to start with. Also, you can add your media and customize accordingly. For beginners, RawShorts introduces a series of quick and interactive tutorials to master the art of whiteboard animation.

3. Videoscribe: It is another powerful free animation tool. Videoscribe coupled with another software ‘Tawe’ is available for a free trial and has premium options. It helps to create high-definition whiteboard animation videos without having technical expertise. As the website brands itself, Videoscribe is a one-in-all tool for professionals, educators and freelancers.
4. Animaker: This tool comes on board with 5 different styles of videos that allow making 120 different animation videos. Whether its 2D animated videos, infographics or typographical designs that interests you, Animaker brings a complete package absolutely free and easy to use for beginners.
5. Wideo: Offering a 7-day trial, Wideo presents itself as a marketing weapon that helps to increase social traffic of website and email marketing conversions. Drag and drop options, ready-made templates are some of the intriguing features of the tool. From creating a business presentation to gifting a video e-card on your mom’s birthday, with wideo at hand, the world seems to be a better place for graphic enthusiasts.
6. GoAnimate: Though not an open source tool, GoAnimate offers a 14-day free trial period. Set up with modern technologies of lip-syncing, this software allows you to create characters from scratch. This tool is primarily focused on business and marketing perspective. GoAnimate has a special edition for schools.

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