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When it comes to putting a point or a presentation across, we use many methods to make sure the message reads aloud and clear. Some of these methods go back to many years ago, take time, and cost a lot of money to develop. However, no matter how much we try to do this, how many methods we use to do this, nothing beats a message, or a presentation put together in sound and motion. Almost everyone loves to watch animated videos. They are lively and they catch people’s attention. Therefore, if you are a marketer or a teacher or a businessperson or a professional video creator and want to get your audience’s attention without boring them, use animated videos to do so. GoAnimate Review

The response to your video animations is much higher than the response from any written promotional material. Today, it is no longer necessary to hire expensive video creators to do your presentations. Today it is no longer necessary to look for live actors or cartoonists to produce your animated videos. This process was and still is both costly and time wasting. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and given the world GoANIMATE and finally making animated videos has never been easier.Today we go through a deep GoAnimate Review

What is GoAnimate?


GoAnimate Review

GoAnimate Review


GoAnimate is a video tool for making and editing animated videos. These videos include explainer videos, whiteboard videos ,video infographics. The videos meant for delivering and passing out messages effectively and with lots of creativity are now widely used all over the world. This is because GoANIMATE is fast and people love that. With GoANIMATE, making a video in a record 5 minutes is one reason it makes it one of the most popular whiteboard animation software. The setup is easy, all you really need is a reliable internet connection, and you are set to go. Below are the reasons GoAnimate is a hit with so many people.

Advantages of using GoAnimate video editor

  • Easy to use and learn
Even without any artistic skills, anyone can use GoANIMATE video editor. You do not even have to be computer or tech savvy. All one needs really is a good concept for the video concept and a good story to accompany the video. The systematic GoANIMATE tutorial is easy to learn and it only takes 5 minutes to create your first video.
  • Affordable
Compared to hiring a professional video editor, using GoANIMATE is very cheap. The prices vary depending on the plan chosen to create the videos. The price goes for as low as $39 per month or $299 annually and allows you to download videos of up to 720p and to produce an unlimited number of videos. This is the lowest rate called Go Publish. Go Premium allows you to pay $79 per month or $599 annually and download videos of up to 1080p, remove and replace any logos and do live chats. Go team is the most advanced of the premiums, requires $159 per month or $999 per year, and allows you a priority service queue and multi seats. With this plan, downloading your videos as animated GIFs and importing fonts is a privilege.
  • Uses simple tools
GoANIMATE gives you the advantage of choosing from a wide variety of tools. It allows you to create your own characters by choosing them from the templates provided or by importing your own. The D-I-Y content makes it very easy for you to use your own images and sounds and choose your own branding content. It does not matter what you choose because they all give you a result of an excellently created professional video.
  • Saves time
Time is costly and no one wants to spend lots of it working on something that would otherwise take lesser time to finish. GoANIMATE allows you to choose your content from a wide range of characters, props, backgrounds and sounds from its library. This wonderful concept gives you the advantage to create your videos in 5 minutes top.
  • It is cloud based
Now if at all space in your hard drive is not much, do not worry when using GoANIMATE. This is because no download or set up of this software is necessary it is cloud based and depending on which part of the world you are, working on your videos is as easy as it gets, all depending you have internet access of course.
  • Versatility
GoANIMATE covers everyone no matter what they do or where they are from. If you are a beginner, the tutorial covers you by giving you the 5-minute step-by-step instructions. If you are a professional, importing backgrounds, sounds, images and props has never been easier, because the library is there to give you all the help needed.
It is great for marketers because they can use it as a tool ,to make their marketing animated videos, it is great for teachers as tutorial guidelines to the students and for anyone else just out to have fun.
  • Allows people to work as team
With the GoTeam plan, people collaborate with others through video sets or a video broadcast, which is not only time saving but cuts down on costs tremendously. It is possible for team members working in different continents to communicate easily and make sound decisions for the better running of the business.

Disadvantages of GoAnimate Video Maker.

The basic version of GoANIMATE has a very limited number of characters. In case there’s need to customise the characters then an upgrade to more expensive GoANIMATE plans. These are GoTeam and GoPublish.
Unlike many other animated videos, GoANIMATE restricts the video lengths to 2 minutes, which is a very short time for enormous creativity.
Speech in every video made is limited to 10 lines for the basic plan and 30 lines for the more advanced plan. These are very few lines especially if you are branding your product, and have a lot to say about it.

Wrapping it up GoAnimate Review

The drawbacks of the GoANIMATE are very few as compared to the advantages. What this means is that GoANIMATE is a wonderful whiteboard animation software. It takes only 5 minutes to create your own videos. No other free whiteboard animation software or any other available animation software gives you a fast D-I-Y step-by-step tutorial like GoANIMATE does. Become an expert and take advantage of all that this software has to offer.

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