How to Make an Animated Video-The Stepwise Guide

Amongst the plethora of choices to promote a business, animation stands out of the crowd and has become a prime choice of marketers to attract potential buyers. As the demand for animation continues to grow, beginners in the animation industry struggle to find a credible solution to get the show on the road.

Animation does not confine to the realms of moving a stationary object or creating a couple of cartoon caricatures. To survive and come out victorious in the animated industry, you need to look beyond the mere technical functions and try to connect to the audience. You can chase your tail working on an animated video, but without the right beans in the bag it can be difficult to taste success.

Here’s making it easier for you. Our stepwise guide to how to make an animated video walks you through the basics of animation, makes you look behind the screen and leaves with you a whole bag of tricks to accelerate your animation journey.

Step 1: Conceptualize

Conceptualize How to Make an Animated Video

Before you set off in your mission, it’s essential to have a vision. The primary reason behind how to make an animated video is flaring the brand name. Chalk out the target consumers and develop the idea based on them. Collect the basic factors that you want your video to focus upon. Besides the idea, you need to figure out how you want to present it.

Three things to decide during this stage

  • Who are my potential audience?
  • What am I looking for?
  • How am I approaching it?

Step 2: A Killer Script!

Killer Script How to Make an Animated Video

No matter how good the animation is, to sail through marketing, you need a killer script. If you haven’t heard already, ‘Content indeed is the King’. The script helps to bind the concept and presentation together, and compels a viewer to turn to a potential buyer.

A couple of things to remember to create an animated video exceptional script:

  • Keep it short. A 1-2 minute video with a 300-400 word script is an optimal choice.
  • Engage the audience by using a personal tone. Use a conversational tone to make it sound friendly.
  • Address the problem, and the solution, but do not sound salesy.

Step 3: Storyboarding

Storyboarding How to Make an Animated Video

Remember those preschool books that would have a line of images to narrate a story. Storyboarding is exactly that, adding a series of visual actions to complement the narration.

If you can visualize the story of the video, the step gets easier. Creating a storyboard is the first successful step. Figure out the sequence of resources, where to add music, how the narration will overlap the video and the line of action of the graphics. Creating the storyboard is like a blueprint of the entire animation video.


Step4: Voiceover

Voiceover How to Make an Animated Video

Now that you have arranged the story, it’s time to give it a voice. Voiceover concerns with accent, style of speaking, and a clear message. You can always opt for a professional voiceover artist for this purpose.

If you are willing to record voice-over yourself, here are a couple of tips:

  • A good quality recording software and microphone is necessary. Make sure there is no background noise.
  • Voice should be distinct, professional and engaging.
  • Speak with confidence and poise.


Step 5: Production


Finally, fling yourself into the most important phase, making an animated video. There are several free as well as paid video editing software available in the market. Most of these software are easy to use – arrange the slides on the timeline, add the voiceover and a little touch up.

You can opt for PowerPoint, Camtasia or Adobe. For beginners, look for online tools like Powtoon, Animaker, Video scribe and others. I have wtiten an article about Whiteboard Animation Software reviews help you choose the best Whiteboard Animation Software.

Most of these software come with drag and drop interface, has inbuilt images, music and auto-sync options. Just sink your teeth into it, and you will be able to create a remarkable animated video.

Step 6: Edit and Credit

audio editing Whiteboard Animation Software

This stage consists of adding the last minute details before you publish it in social media. You can add sound effects to create a dramatic effect. For budget options, royalty free music is available in a couple of websites including Incompetech, Audionautix and others. For sound effects stop by at Freesound. You can incorporate these external music in your animation video tool to add to the original videos.


Step 7: Promote the Idea

Promote How to Make Animated Video

To ensure that your animation reaches the crowd, it’s important to promote the idea. Besides add it to social media platforms and publishing in different video websites, you can also use analytics tool to analyze the performance.

A video that goes viral doesn’t happen overnight. Keep the key concepts in mind, a catchy tagline, a fun content and a great animation to make sure it goes places.



Despite having necessary skills, often animators end up with a chaotic graphical representation that fails to impress. But if you have buckled down yourself and focused on the key aspects, you can definitely make a headway for animation videos. Improvise old ideas and improve the design skills, and don’t forget to connect and communicate to make an incredible animation video.

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