The world of animation has brought a dynamic change in the way we see, do and shop. While the marketers have witnessed a massive jump in the conversion rates, the freelancers have found a new technology to master and earn revenue. But everything comes at a price, well, almost everything.

Whiteboard Animation Software Free

If you are a budding animator or an amateur animation aspirant, don’t expect to get a flying start of your business. Initially, you may end up with abysmal videos, and if you try to sell your product using those, your business is sure to go up in smoke.

However, like any other form of art, animation too needs time to be mastered. Before you go ahead and spend a hefty sum on purchasing a software, check out our top 5 whiteboard animation software free that help you reign the realms of animation. Once you have got foot in the door, you can move on to the extended versions and advanced software.


Powtoon (Free Animation Software)

Whiteboard Animation Software Free

Whiteboard Animation Software Free


Powtoon has become a go-to software for sales demos, whiteboard animation, Animation videos and more. While the software is available in different pricing plans, there is also a free version available for beginners.

Amateurs can sojourn to powtoon free version to get a grip on the tricks on animation. Here’s what the free version brings to the table:

  • An easy to use interface and a vast library with numerous cartoon characters, objects, backgrounds
  • Animation video up to 5 min long can be created.
  • There is no limit to the number of animated presentations that you create, despite being a free version.
  • Videos can be directly exported to YouTube. However, you cannot download the videos offline.

Animatron Whiteboard Animation Software Free


The perfect way to grab attention using a banner ad, an explainer video or even a high school presentation is giving a go to animatron. As the website suggests, it is a tool that is universal. From business startups to professional animators, animatron can be used by anyone and everyone.

Animatron Whiteboard Animation Software Free Try

And there is also a free version available at your doorstep. You can always check out the basics of animation, the features of the software and get handy with it before you decide to switch to a different plan.

The free version of Animatron offers the following:

  • Movie hosting bandwidth – 2GB storage /50 GB per month.
  • There are 2200 royalty free objects, but you do not get any commercial rights. Which implies, a video made in free version of animatron cannot be used to promote the products directly.
  • Video (SD quality) and gif up to 10 secs can be created
  • Allows to import media up to 1 min.
  • Media can be exported, published to HTML5 and shared socially.




Another whiteboard animation software free endowed with a vast media library, animated graphs and charts, and royalty free objects is RawShorts. Marketers, professionals, educators can find benefit from this simple yet incredible tool. Embedded with a drag-and-drop interface, RawShorts assures to product professional results.

Let’s see what the free version offers:

  • 8 library of royalty free objects, and a standard music library is available.
  • 25 Mb storage is available
  • Comes with RawShorts watermark. And can be commercialized including the watermark.
  • Video templates on different categories are available, suitable for different businesses.


Open Sankore

Open Sankore


A completely free, open source, video making tool in Open Sankore. There are no pricing plans as the entire software is available for free. Moreover, it is scalable capable of working with different platforms.

Open Sankore is a dedicated tool for education that allows you to import videos, audios, content (directly from Wikipedia).

The tutorials available on their website are in-depth and can be used to master the software without a hassle.




How long does it take to drink a cup of coffee? Because, that’s the time that you need to create a video using Biteable, as pitched by the website.

Biteable offers limited flexibility, but is a good software for beginners. With hundreds of live action templates available, creating a video is a matter of minutes.

You can easily customize these templates, add photos, content, color to adjust to your needs. They also have background music available to add to the videos.

Biteable offers a simple solution, promoting your brand or business. For the free version, you will have the Biteable watermark to the videos.



Almost all Whiteboard Animation Software Free have limited scope. Despite that, they offer the opportunity to learn and grow. To brush up your skills, or use for non-commercial purposes, free animation software are your ultimate best friend.